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      Top 9 SEO Apps to Elevate Your Online Experience

      Top 9 SEO Apps to Elevate Your Online Experience

      Imagine Google just rolled out an update that can make all your online efforts go obsolete in seconds. How frightening is it?

      In the digital world, to stay updated with the current trends, smart usage of SEO tools is of paramount importance. HubSpot offers a wide range of SEO tools designed to help businesses improve and optimise their website's search engine ranking.

      Well, if you do not want your business to land in troubled waters, then you should definitely check out these 9 SEO tools offered by HubSpot.

      Overview of HubSpot

      HubSpot CMS is a robust content management platform that allows businesses to build websites, landing pages and create blogs. With an emphasis to inbound marketing, HubSpot CMS offers a plethora of customisation features, marketing tools and content creation options that unites content writers, marketers, and sales teams in a single unified platform.

      HubSpot SEO plugins are integrated to website, blogs and landing pages thus helping businesses attract and convert their target audience. If your business is looking to increase organic search rankings, then HubSpot CMS is the right platform for you.

      What is an SEO App, and How Does it Work?

      SEO apps are designed to enhance your digital presence by optimising your sites for search engines. It analyses various components of your website like keywords, meta tags, meta descriptions, site speed, site layout and picture quality. The app gives necessary suggestions to optimise these elements to increase organic traffic and site rankings.

      In short, HubSpot SEO tools ensures your online efforts do not go unnoticed.

      9 Best HubSpot SEO Apps for Your Website

      1. Google Search Console

      Google Search Console eases the life of SEO professionals and marketers. Whether your business is a startup or an established one, it helps running SEO analysis from scratch and  suggest keywords for optimal performance.


      • Keywords: Know the keywords people are searching for when your site appears on SERP, which helps you mine new ideas for content. 
      • Key Metrics: Analyse various SEO metrics of your page such as click through rates, impressions, number of views, page ranks etc.
      • Query Analytics: Discover the search terms of your potential audience and the keywords that rank for those terms.
      • Google Indexing: The URL inspection tool enables you to index your page on google and make it visible across the net.
      • Crawl Alerts: The app also gives you crawl alerts in case of any spam or indexing issues.

      Price : Free

      2. Schema Helper

      Schema Markup is a structured feature that helps search engines to understand what is there on your page. This SEO tool by HubSpot enhances your website presence and increases the chances of your website pages featuring in snippets. When your website content appears on rich snippets, it not only increases your brand presence but also boosts your traffic count.


      • Automatically adds schema markup to your HTML code
      • Bulk-Editor Tool that adds schema markups to multiple pages at once
      • SERP Preview Tool that helps you see how search engines see your webpage
      • Rich Results Testing that tests your content eligibility to appear on snippets


      • Free Plan
      • Starter Plan: $9/mo & $99/year
      • Pro Plan: $49/mo & $499/year

      3. LitePics

      If you are worried about sluggish loading rates due to high resolution images on your website, then fret not. Litepics automatically compresses all your website images to 30% of the initial size thereby increasing page speed. This SEO tool by HubSpot improves your organic serach rankings.


      • Free Plan
      • Fast Plan: $19/one time
      • Furious Plan: $60/one time

      4. Google Page Speed Insights

      A digital marketing agency’s prime task is to monitor the performance of their clients’ websites. Google page speed insights are easy to integrate to your HubSpot account which allows you to understand the SEO performance and generate reports for your clients. This HubSpot Seo plugin basically tells you which websites are running well.

      Features: Mobile and Desktop SEO score 


      • Free Plan
      • Business Plan: $6.99/month

      5. SEO Reports

      If your website is facing technical glitches and experiencing a drop in the SEO rankings, then SEO reports tool is just for you. It is a comprehensive audit tool that comes with around 300 SEO checks and gives a complete analysis of the plaguing issues. Moreover, this free SEO tool by HubSpot gives actionable tips and recommendations to fix issues and improve your score.

      Features – Instant report generation and detail action plan

      Pricing- Free Plan

      6. Zerys

      Zerys is an all-in-one content creation platform. It helps you create persuasive content, plan the content, and even search for quality content writers from their pool of 85000+ freelance writers. You get unlimited revisions and can pay when you are satisfied without any subscription or membership fees.


      • Topic Research: Find the best keywords and topic to generate your content
      • Title Suggestion: Write compelling titles that catches attention
      • Easy Publication: Export your blog to HubSpot with just a click


      • Free Plan
      • Silver Package Plan: $10.83/month
      • Golden Package Plan: $37.50/month

      7. Fizz+Ginger

      It accelerates your HubSpot CMS SEO and fastens your social media curation. It comes with exciting features and easy integrations to transform your business. This HubSpot Seo plugin is definitely one of a kind.


      • Optimise SEO meta title and meta descriptions
      • Fix broken URLs
      • Compress images
      • Curate social media posts


      • Pro Plan: $100/month
      • Agency Plan: $200/month

      8. Domain Expiry

      How negligent would it sound if one of your client’s domain expired and as an agency you just forgot to renew? Well, you do not have to worry about it anymore with Domain expiry tool. This tool stores all the domain expiry dates and the domain registrar name on its records. You can also run reports for upcoming expiry dates.   

      Features: Expiry Dates, Domain Registrar Name and Renewal Date reminders.


      • Free Plan
      • Business Plan: $6.99/month

      9. Insites – SEO Audit Tool

      Insites tool gives a detailed audit for your HubSpot CRM directly on your side panel. You do not have to leave your CRM and can view the quality checks parallelly while working if something goes wrong. This tool helps your sales team to increase their efficiency.   

      Features: Checks broken links, spell errors, loading speeds and other SEO metrics.


      • Pay As You Go Plan:  $99/month
      • Enterprise Plan: $800/month


      HubSpot SEO tools are ground-breaking in terms of boosting your online presence, optimising your content for higher rankings, and suggesting strategies to improve your SEO practices. HubSpot takes your marketing efforts to next level and guarantees success in the digital world

      Begin your SEO game with HubSpot!


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